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Re: About the download page


Thanks a lot Andrew.
The problem with our connection is that all the students are behind a single http proxy. Now, this proxy blocks all kinds of packets except http packets, allows communication through a single port only, requires authentication, and can't download anything above 100 MB. So, things like Java documentation, can't be downloaded(we got around this one).I don't know much about this networking terminology, but somehow, we do get to download from ftps too. But that's it. There are other connections, through which you can have normal access, but either you are not a student, or you are a privileged one to have a login in these proxies.

Thanks again,

On Fri, 14 Jul 2006, Andrew Haley wrote:

M.Kranthi Kumar writes:
> Hello,
>  	I am trying to download Mauve, but the snapshot on the download
> page is of 26th dec 2004. I am behind a http proxy, due to which, I think,
> I am not able to connect to the cvs server. Could some one please point me
> to some place where I can download the latest sources through normal http
> or ftp?

The Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati doesn't have any access
to external CVS ???  Incredible...


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