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Intel's AWT/Swing test suite

Hi All,

Last week Intel posted their AWT/Swing test suite at the Harmony project site. I've been taking a look at it, to see what value there is in it for GNU Classpath...and, in spite of a lot overlap with Mauve, there are many new tests in there that are useful to us.

Unfortunately they decided to write the tests in the java.awt.* and javax.swing.* namespace, which makes it awkward to run the tests, both against Sun's reference implementation (to verify the tests) and against GNU Classpath (to find bugs in our implementation). However, it has been relatively straightforward (though tedious) to refactor the tests to move the tests into their own namespace (I used* and test.javax.swing.*).

You can find a jar file containing both the (JUnit-based) tests and corresponding source code (for around 2,600 tests so far) here:

To run the tests, use the following command line:

jamvm -classpath .:lib/junit.jar junit.textui.TestRunner

...replacing the class name with the name of any test class, or the package level test suites:

There is also a test suite that will run all tests:

test.AWTSwingTestSuite (runs all tests)

There are still many tests that I haven't extracted from javax.swing.*, javax.swing.plaf.basic.*, javax.swing.plaf.metal.* and javax.swing.text.*. I'll post a revised test jar file when I've completed those.



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