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Re: Mauve wishlist

Thomas Fitzsimmons wrote:

Anthony Balkissoon has expressed interest in improving Mauve so we'd
like to know what would be the best things to work on.

Here are two items on my list:

- A web reporting facility that generates JAPI-style bar graphs.
Ideally the graphs would represent a code-coverage analysis but I have
no idea how feasible that is using free tools.

- A framework for testing VM invocations and the tools' command-line
interfaces -- in other words, a framework that can exec commands.  This
may be best done as an independent module, separate from Mauve.

There is also lots of room for improvement in how Mauve tests are
selected and run.  I'm hoping someone who better understands Mauve's
design will elaborate.

I would like to see a way to partition the different tests. Sometimes mauve will not build for gcj (and probably other compilers as well) because just a single file has some problem. It would be nice to still be able to run the majority of the tests in this situation.

I also thought about running different groups of tests in their own ClassLoader, but cannot really think of a good reason right now to do it.

David Daney

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