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Re: Mauve license

Stuart Ballard wrote:
Harmony hackers get to see that Classpath hackers aren't inflexible
GPL-zealots, and both groups of hackers get used to working together
on a project that benefits both.

This Apache/Harmony thing vs. Claspath/GPL debate is just so tempting.. :-)

But let's talk practicalities.. here's a simple thing I don't understand.

What exactly prevents Harmony from using Mauve as a test suite?

Would Apache want to create it's own copy of Mauve and check that
into SVN? That seems like a bad idea -- i.e, creating a "code fork".

So then if Apache only wants to run Mauve tests, what impact does Mauve
being GPL have? Why can Apache folks just download Mauve and run it,
the same way Classpath hackers do? Mauve is its own self-contained project.

As to the issue of converting Mauve to JUnit, that's surely a lot of work
any way you slice it, and in any case that seems like an orthogonal issue.


Archie Cobbs      *        CTO, Awarix        *

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