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Re: SecurityException throwpoint audit

Hi Gary,

On Mon, 2005-11-21 at 16:58 +0000, Gary Benson wrote:
> I've been trying to work out how to test that permissions are checked
> at every point they ought to be.  There's a table of every such point
> here:

I would not trust that list as the definite guide. I just looked for a
random method (which I was just working on for GNU Classpath)
Toolkit.getSystemSelection() and it was not listed.

> Some of these already have tests, but most probably do not.  Before I
> start creating tests I'm thinking that we need some way to correlate
> mauve tests with the throwpoints on this (and future) lists.
> How would people feel if I numbered the throwpoints on the above list
> and noted them in their corresponding tests in some easily parsable
> form (probably in comments like Tags are already).  That way whether a
> throwpoint is tested (and the location of the test) can be found with
> a simple grep.
> For simplicity I'd probably number the 1.4.2 list from 1-whatever.
> Checks added in 1.5 can be added at the end of the list.

I don't really like the numbering. I would propose to actually name the
tests with somewhat meaningful names. Something like
<PermissionClassName>_<ClassName>_<MethodName> for each Permission and
class.method() needing to check for that permission. (example:

Or maybe have a directory per PermissionClassName.

That is how jacks is setup. It follows the JLS, but it doesn't use the
section numbers, but logical names of the sections that the tests are



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