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inconsistent test names


I'm one of the developers of the cacao jvm[1]. We use mauve
intensively to test cacao and it is a very good test suite.

Currently I'm developing an automated testing framework for
cacao[2]. You can see preliminary results here (large page!):

One problem I've run accross is that some mauve tests use
inconsistent names to report PASSes and FAILs. The most troublesome
cases are those, where a *named* check/fail is followed by an
*unnamed* one. For example:


there is a"could not create FIRST multicast socket on shared port
    " + sharedMcastPort);

at this line. The next check on line 216 and unnamed. Now if the first check fails,
and the second succeeds, you get a bogus PASS line like:

PASS: could not
create SECOND multicast socket on shared port 1234 (number 2)

from the harness.

If you also think these cases should be fixed (by naming the checks),
I would be happy to provide patches. Makes more sense than teaching
my tgolem to work around these cases.


    Most of the tgolem code is not cacao specific and I plan
    to release it as a GPL project within the next months.

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