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Re: tests with rmic!

Hi Meskauskas,

Meskauskas Audrius wrote:

Hi, Nicolas,

Nice idea, great to have at least any java.rmi rests! The current testing situation with this package is deeply tragical, the coverage being plain zero. And it is possible to find random talks on the web like "how reliable they (GNU Classpath) RMI implementation is? Does it work?".

Any tests are very welcome.

I think it would be a good idea to write Mauve tests as the independent modules that run on a single virtual machine and does call external tools. The most of the current tests are written this way. Here are several suggestions how to make an ordinary Mauve test that would not need to cross the boundaries of the current virtual machine to run:

1. Instead of starting three independent virtual machines (one for server, one for client and one for the naming service), you can just start three threads. When all cleanup problems, if any, will be restricted to the current run of the test suite.

I can't use threads in a same virtual machine, because there is no serialization of objects in RMI when the server and the client lives in the same virtual machine (maybe it's possible enabling a flag somewhere, but i don't know the API)

2. Instead of invoking rmic from inside the Mauve test, run it once with the -keep key and just add the generated source code file to your path. Such test would be easier to debug.

Allright. Good idea


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