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Re: classpath+mauve

Michael Koch wrote:

On Fri, Oct 14, 2005 at 03:56:28PM +0200, Norman Hendrich wrote:

Hello David and Audrius,

first of all, thanks for your answers to my mauve-setup question(s).
I tried the MakeTestClassList program, which seems to work fine.
However, after spending another few hours trying to get the whole testsuite running, my worst fears are confirmed... To summarize:

* writing new testcases is easy

* running individual testcases is easy (from the shell or eclipse)

* running parts of the testsuite via an index file works.

* BUT there is no easy way to run the whole testsuite. A developer
first has to create a custom list of exclusion testcases, before
running the remaining fraction of the testsuite...

Not true. I just use the batch_run utility to run them all. I know that Mark uses this too.


Yes, due to the nature of how a JVM can fail... especially with respect to hanging and doing nothing, you have to wrap execution of each test case in a fashion that will kill the JVM if it does not exit in a reasonable period of time. I think this batch_run utility does that. I used to have a nice little set of scripts that did something similar and created pretty graphs.

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