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Re: registerValidation update

Hi David,

On Wed, 2005-10-12 at 19:02 +0000, David Gilbert wrote:
> There is one case of this in JFreeChart, in the AbstractDataset class.  
> I didn't write the code, and I'd have to go and study it to figure out 
> what it does...most likely I wrote the Mauve test while trying to 
> understand the mechanism in general.  I'm out of time for today, but can 
> probably look at this in the morning...

Thanks. I looked at the code and that should work now. It is an
interesting use of validation. (After the object is completely
deserialized and the listeners are attached it fires an update event to
them.) But I wasn't really able to run the unit tests of JFreeChart
easily (some free swing breakage makes it impossible to select a
test...). If you are able to run the unittests against a recent GNU
Classpath from CVS that would be appreciated. I checked in my latest
fixes now.



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