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Re: Mauve coding on Windows

Yes, of course, but the primary idea was to have all this running under Windows. You
are probably talking about the Linux environment.

Tom Tromey wrote:

"Audrius" == Meskauskas Audrius <> writes:

Audrius> I created Eclipse project from existing Mauve sources using "New -> Audrius> Java project from existing Ant build file". Then the build is Audrius> initiated as "Run as -> Ant build" in the context menu on build.xml in Audrius> the Package Explorer view.

Mauve is already set up in Eclipse as a plain old java project, where
the internal eclipse builder is used.  I think this is preferable as
it yields a nicer development environment...

Also in my setup, the mauve project depends on having a Classpath
project in the same workspace, the idea being that mauve will be built
against the just-built Classpath.  I also have it depending on a jamvm
project, to make it really easy to run mauve against classpath from
inside Eclipse.  I haven't checked this part in yet.


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