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Re: Mauve coding on Windows

Martin Olsson wrote:
When and if someone fixes the naming problems you got atleast one more developer going into the project; me.

Good, let's do it.

If my Eclipse error log is complete it's a matter of renaming at a very minimum say 25 files (or the corresponding dirs ofc). But it would be much nicer to have a consistant naming for the entire directory structure. I would definately vote for renaming the classes that test class Xxxx to XxxxClass instead of Xxxx_ because I think the first name is more descriptive and would confuse mauve newcomers less.

I'd say, go with XxxClass to rename the classes, rather than packages/directories. Can you send in a patch?

As for consistency, I guess one could spend a lot of time arguing for the most consistent naming of all the test cases, but ... let's just leave it as it as long as no pressing reason comes up, and do the minimally invasive thing. When someone wants to check out mauve on a DOS FAT file system, we can worry about the 8+3 naming limitations then, for example.

dalibor topic

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