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Re: Mauve coding on Windows

Meskauskas Audrius wrote:
No, I understand. You want to contribute to GNU Classpath project by writing new Mauve tests. But just for this you do not need to run all EXISTING Mauve tests.

I would really much rater be able to runs all the tests too and they would also be good for reference when I need to check how some problem was solved earlier. And in the long run I'm hoping that my contribution to Mauve will enable me to learn more about the classpath project so that I will be able to contribute to the actual classpath code later.

David Gilbert wrote:
> It won't be easy to run all the tests on Windows initially, but I
> think if we can solve the problem of checking out the CVS into
> Eclipse on Windows, it won't be long before someone writes a
> utility to make it simple to compile and run all (or a selected
> subset of) the tests.  And if the end result is more developers
> working on Mauve, then I think it is worth the effort.

When and if someone fixes the naming problems you got atleast one more developer going into the project; me.

If my Eclipse error log is complete it's a matter of renaming at a very minimum say 25 files (or the corresponding dirs ofc). But it would be much nicer to have a consistant naming for the entire directory structure. I would definately vote for renaming the classes that test class Xxxx to XxxxClass instead of Xxxx_ because I think the first name is more descriptive and would confuse mauve newcomers less.

regards, martin

Martin Olsson wrote:

I think you misunderstood; I actually intend to write tests for GNU classpath.

regards, martin

Meskauskas Audrius wrote:

As your purpose is to just write some new tests and not to test GNU Classpath, the simplest and easiest way would be without much thinking to delete all tests.


I would like to write some test cases for the GNU classpath project. I fetched Mauve from CVS (using eclipse "create project from cvs") but I ran into a whole bunch of errors:

I think these errors are related to me running Windows 2000 and windows does not allow a file called "Color" and a dir called "color".

Someone on IRC said that there is atleast one other guy that uses Windows for Mauve development (Jeroen?). If anyone can provide information how I can setup a proper Mauve-compatible dev environment on Windows please drop me a line.


I also have another question, how do I know what test cases are missing and needs to be implemented?

rgrds martin

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