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Re: Mauve coding on Windows

No, I understand. You want to contribute to GNU Classpath project by writing new Mauve tests. But just for this you do not need to run all EXISTING Mauve tests. The existing tests are used to ensure that the new changes in GNU Classpath library itself do not introduce regressions, that nothing is spoiled while improving another part. You can write and run your tests on Sun's jre even without trying to build Classpath itself. After you commit them to CVS, others will run them on Classpath and use the results of your tests..

Of course, it is worthwhile to learn how to to run a complete Mauve test set, and how to build Classpath, and join the main project developing and so on. All this would be great from your side, but it takes time and may not be easy under Windows. The new Mauve tests are very important for us; our coverage is still not sufficient. There are still several important packages where no single class is covered. You told me you want to join us by writing new Mauve tests, I explained how to set up the developing platform in the fastest possible way.


Martin Olsson wrote:

I think you misunderstood; I actually intend to write tests for GNU classpath.

regards, martin

Meskauskas Audrius wrote:

As your purpose is to just write some new tests and not to test GNU Classpath, the simplest and easiest way would be without much thinking to delete all tests.


I would like to write some test cases for the GNU classpath project. I fetched Mauve from CVS (using eclipse "create project from cvs") but I ran into a whole bunch of errors:

I think these errors are related to me running Windows 2000 and windows does not allow a file called "Color" and a dir called "color".

Someone on IRC said that there is atleast one other guy that uses Windows for Mauve development (Jeroen?). If anyone can provide information how I can setup a proper Mauve-compatible dev environment on Windows please drop me a line.


I also have another question, how do I know what test cases are missing and needs to be implemented?

rgrds martin

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