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Re: Mauve coding on Windows

Martin Olsson wrote:


I would like to write some test cases for the GNU classpath project. I fetched Mauve from CVS (using eclipse "create project from cvs") but I ran into a whole bunch of errors:

I think these errors are related to me running Windows 2000 and windows does not allow a file called "Color" and a dir called "color".

I ran into the same problem a while back when I was stuck with a Windows machine for a week. Perhaps we could resolve it by renaming the Color directory (containing tests for the Color class) to 'ColorClass' or 'Color_'? And the same for any other name clashes (e.g. Font and font).

Someone on IRC said that there is atleast one other guy that uses Windows for Mauve development (Jeroen?). If anyone can provide information how I can setup a proper Mauve-compatible dev environment on Windows please drop me a line.


I also have another question, how do I know what test cases are missing and needs to be implemented?

For the majority of the tests, the test class name matches the name of the method it is testing. So scanning the source tree is one way to see which methods have (at least some) tests.

There is also a utility in CVS for generating some HTML pages for the results of a Mauve run:


These pages are organised by package/class, so that is another way to see the existing coverage.


Dave Gilbert

rgrds martin

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