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Re: Mauve coding on Windows

As your purpose is to just write some new tests and not to test GNU Classpath, the simplest and easiest way would be without much thinking to delete all tests.

Store the unmodified copy of the source. Then remove 'BinaryCompatibility', 'gnu', 'java', 'javax', 'locales' and 'org' from gnu/testlet. Try to build. Errors will be reported in gnu/testlet/, because the generated file names contain the '\' character (separator under Windows!). Open that file and replace the '\' by '\\' in all strings. Try to build again. Should succeed. Now, look at the contents the previously deleted gnu/testlet/java, gnu/testlet/javax and so on, to see how the tests look like and that rules the folder system follows. All tests implement the Testlet interface and has the line like "// Tags: JDK1.4" on the top. The Mauve framework is rather clear, you will understand. Try to move back, compile and run several tests that would look simple for you.

If still fails, check:

1. If Eclipse has copied all source files into the project folder in workspace.
2. If your Ant is properly installed and added to the project build path.

Martin Olsson wrote:


I would like to write some test cases for the GNU classpath project. I fetched Mauve from CVS (using eclipse "create project from cvs") but I ran into a whole bunch of errors:

I think these errors are related to me running Windows 2000 and windows does not allow a file called "Color" and a dir called "color".

Someone on IRC said that there is atleast one other guy that uses Windows for Mauve development (Jeroen?). If anyone can provide information how I can setup a proper Mauve-compatible dev environment on Windows please drop me a line.


I also have another question, how do I know what test cases are missing and needs to be implemented?

rgrds martin

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