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testing with eclipse

I checked in some eclipse build infrastructure to the wonka module in
mauve, including a launch configuration.

Now you should be able to very easily test classpath changes using the
visual tester without leaving eclipse.  It is literally a push-button

To do this, first you have to set up an eclipse workspace containing
classpath and jamvm; follow the instructions I posted a short while
ago.  (At the moment this is not totally trivial as it requires a
jamvm patch.)

Then, check out the wonka module from mauve.  When this is done, you
should see a launch configuration called "WonkaVisualTestEngine" (I
have only done this stuff in my workspace, I'm not totally sure it
will automatically show up after a checkout.)

If you run this launch config, the test engine will start up.  It is
set up to always load all the tests; however is it very easy to add
your own launch configurations.  (Please don't modify the shared one
unless your changes are appropriate for everybody.)

Eclipse puts your most recently used launch configuration at the top
of the list.  So once you've run this once, testing classpath changes
works like this:

* Modify Classpath sources
* Save the change (eclipse automatically recompiles, it is nearly
  instantaneous for most changes).
* Click the button to run the launch configuration
* Repeat

I'll add a simple way to run all of mauve as well.
(We could make things even easier in some ways, especially for mauve,
but that would require real programming.  Maybe someone would like to
volunteer :-)


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