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Re: building with eclipse

Hi Tom,
(CCed classpath list since people there might find this interesting)
[For those not reading regularly, also check out: ]

On Thu, 2005-08-18 at 10:00 -0600, Tom Tromey wrote:
> I've set things up so that you can build Mauve as an Eclipse project.
> It requires you to also have a classpath project at the moment, and it
> uses the classpath classes for the bootclasspath of the mauve build.
> To see this, use Eclipse 3.1, check out Classpath (and wait for it to
> build), then check out Mauve.  That should be enough, no configury or
> anything else should be required.

Very nice. I tried this with the new eclipse packages from Michael
( - for which I
only needed to cheat with one --force-depends since tomcat4 isn't
available in main yet). And it seems to work for both classpath and

The only trouble I had in both is that eclipse seems to not be able to
find any of the generated files, like gnu/classpath/
and gnu/testlet/ till I explicitly refresh the projects
manually. Which is a slight pain since it won't let me do that until
after it tries to compile everything and tries to show the hunderds of
errors it finds due to these missing files.



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