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Re: can Mauve help me test a PersonalJava implementation?

On Mon, May 02, 2005 at 09:44:48AM -0700, Steven Schwarz wrote:
> When I am done, if there is interest in having this work committed,
> I'll certainly be happy to make it available.

Yes please!  I doubt any problems will be had from getting tests that
should run on 1.1 and up to actually run on 1.1 :)
Just post it to this list and I, or someone else will pick it up.

> With regard to my question about history, I know about the -D option,
> but my question was whether the current repository has revisions that
> go back that far (4 years is an eternity in many development projects,
> and many have to make compromises that "lose history" for various
> reasons over such a long span).

See this link for more info they you wanted; I don't think mauve ever removed
revisions from its cvs.

Please do note that the open source mauve tests did not start in 1995 (when Java
first came out) because of various reasons.   But your request was about the
mauve version in 2001, and that should be easey to checkout.

Thomas Zander

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