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Re: A place for the Classpath specific tests

Michael Koch wrote:
On Thu, Mar 10, 2005 at 03:18:33PM +0100, Meskauskas Audrius wrote:

For a project as large as Classpath, it would be good to
have a tests for all important classes. Apart the standard
java.* and javax.* , this also includes the Classpath
specific classes from gnu.* namespace.  In some
packages this namespace contains many classes,
having hundreds lines of the working code. Even it they run ok today, staying without tests leaves a gap for
the future regression bugs. It is not immediatly clear if such tests can be contributed to
Mauve. With such tests the Mauve would not compile
without the newest version of Classpath. Classpath has its own small test suite. While not very popular
and requiring to write all tests in the form of the executable
classes, it could be treated as an alternative.

Before committing Classpath specific tests to Mauve, I would
like to discuss this question in the list.

We should really put the tests in muave. Into a specific CVS module if
needed/wanted. We have already classpath specific tests in Mauve. If we
consider an extra module is need then we should move them into it.

I'd say mauve, too. If a test is Classpath specific, then it can be tagged as such.

dalibor topic

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