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Re: New runner

On Mon, Feb 07, 2005 at 09:54:54AM +0100, Jeroen Frijters wrote:
> Thomas Zander wrote:
> > Please download and try on all your VMs;
> >
> On my (Windows) system a bunch of tests fail because the
> gnu.testlet.config settings don't make sense. Also, some of the socket
> tests fail because they do a downcast from TestHarness to
> SimpleTestHarness.

Hi, Jeroen. Thanks for your reply.
I've just looked into this; when I delete the config and the
SimpleTestHarness I get compile errors in (only) 9 tests.
The following are easy to fix and run correctly with some modifications
(read: removal of the cast):

These are a bit more difficult; but I believe them to be broken by design
or not usable for a 'java -jar' kind of test anyway.
I'll be more specific:
These 4 tests each test some socket stuff based completely on the
assumtion that there is someone (an smtp host) listening on a
pre-configured host/port.  This is quite an assumtion that is not very
usable in the proposed (portable) test-jar.

The following test tests things like being able to open a file we ship in
mauve (in the same package) and other stuff thats really really basic.
(like File.seperator) Quite useless to test in an environment that is
shipped in a jar :-)

What do you think?  Should these last 5 tests be modified in any way? Or
should we keep the dependency on config (and SimpleTestHarness) for them
even though they have a different set of problems?

Whatever we decide, I'll stop shipping those in my jar.
Thomas Zander

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