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New runner


I promised to continue work on a much much easier way for people to use 
mauve.  Many of the people I know are not able to run the tests due to the 
dependency on the autotools.
In short I plan to
a) provide a jar which anyone can run using their own preferred VM
b) provide simpler feedback in the form of html or even XML so everyone can 
put his or her results online.

I'd like to present an intermediate version for feedback and perhaps for 
inclusion in the mauve CVS (although I'm personally quite please with 
darcs :)

Please download and try on all your VMs;

The resulting html of my installed vm is visible on:

The sources of the runner are also provided on:

I'm still going to work on an XML format, like discussed in an earlier post 
so better aggregate results can be posted by VM groups online for 
comparison.  Its not progressing as fast as I'd like; but I'm getting 
there :-)  Anyway, this is just a "I did not forget about this just yet" 

I'd love to hear feedback on what is wrong/incomplete or great.
Thomas Zander

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