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Discussing a helper class to migrate from JUnit


Following the rules of the Mauve project, I would like to discuss the following addition to Mauve before submission:

JUnit is another popular testing suite. Some people may already have a JUnit tests written and need to adapt them for Mauve. Some code generators produce tests for JUnit and not for Mauve. In this context, it seems good to have an additional helper class for easier conversion of JUnit TestCase into Mauve Testlet. It is possible to have the individual helper class as a part of the test itself. However it may be better to have it in a more public place where it could be shared.

1. The JUnit TestCase calls static methods like assertTrue(..), assertEquals(..) and so on. The helper class can have the identically named non-static methods, just delegating the call to the current instance of TestHarness.

2. The JUnit TestCase has a multiple public non static parameterless methods, starting with test.... These methods are found and called using reflection. The helper class can do just the same.

3. The two protected methods, setUp() and tearDown(), should be present in a helper class as they are frequently
called from the generated code. These two methods can return without action for beginning.

The class, implementing these two things, would allow to run a typical JUnit test on Mauve with only minor changes.

If no suggested otherwise, the class could be called Unitizer and placed into gnu.testlet.



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