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Re: Patch: GUI testing framework

Am Dienstag, 4. Januar 2005 00:36 schrieb Thomas Fitzsimmons:
> Hi,
> This patch adds support to batch_run for running GUI tests, either
> within an Xvfb server (default) or directly on the tester's
> desktop.  It also introduces the GUI tag; all tests that require
> DISPLAY to be set should be tagged as GUI tests.
> I tested this with the java.awt.Robot tests I posted last week. 
> The tests run properly both within Xvfb and on my desktop.

Nice. Classpath has it now too, so we can generally test it too 

> I would like to rely on the metacity window manager, since it
> handles inset sizing correctly.

Depending on a specific window manager is stupid. It just makes the 
hurdles for users of mauve higher. If we have problems with a 
specific window manager and its his fault and not ours we should 
report bugs.

If you refer to the wrong insets bug I see here, I made sure its a 
jamvm/classpath bug, not a window manager bug. It only occurs in 
jamvm/classpath and not in a 100% merged java-gui-branch. I will try 
to investigate it more, no matter if I run kwin, windowmaker or 


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