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Re: Mauve CVS server broken

Thank you very much for the prompt reply.

1). Yes, I am using the Windows version.
I've just tried again with CVS command line on Linux, unfortunately, the error message are
the same.
2). There is no error message in nightly build. Just the zip file doesn't contains all the files.
I got 2 version of nightly build here: 1,723KB 773KB

    All the files in****
       ... etc. directories are missing.

    The missing files are exactly the same among
       Using TortoiseCVS Windows
       Using Eclipse on Windows
       Using CVS command line on Linux

Therefore, I think it must be something wrong between 20041114 and 20041207

PS: I just tried again to download latest (20041221) night build zip file, the file size is 782KB and
lots of missing files as well.


Am Montag, 20. Dezember 2004 17:35 schrieb Shining Liao:
> Hi,
> I am trying to download mauve. Unfortunately, there is something
> wrong on mauve CVS server.
> Anyone know where can I send an email to tell mauve project owner
> or whoever can fix it?
> I've tried to download nightly build (zip file), use Eclipse to
> download and use TortoseCVS. All of
> them are broken. There are lots of files are missing.
> The error message when using TortoseCVS is:
> cvs [checkout aborted]: unable to reopen
> `/cvs/mauve/mauve/gnu/testlet/java/io/Utf8Encoding/Attic/utf8test.d

I have no problem accessing mauve CVS here from my Linux clients. I
duess you use some Windows versions. I read some time ago that
TortoiseCVS has problems with some versions of CVS servers but its a
TortoiseCVS bug.

What error message(s) do you get with the nightly builds ?

Michael -- Homepage:

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