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jacks mailing list archives, bugs, patches, etc

Can anyone think of any good use for the mailing list archive from the
old jacks list, or the small number of bugs and the one patch that are
outstanding on the dw server?

The mailing list was shutdown today, and I have the mbox archive here if
we can think of anything usefull to do with it.

The bugs and patches will be around a bit longer, but not forever, as the
project on dw will eventually be deactivated.

The vast majority of the bugs are from Neil Gafter, there's one from me as
well that is likely a bug in the upstream tcltest framework.

The one patch out there is a testcase for import that needs to find a home
in the suite, if there isn't already a test of the same thing and if the
test even seems legit to folks.

Never make a technical decision based upon the politics of the situation.
Never make a political decision based upon technical issues.
The only place these realms meet is in the mind of the unenlightened.
			-- Geoffrey James, The Zen of Programming

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