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Re: future plans for mauve

Am Freitag, 29. Oktober 2004 08:41 schrieb Noa Resare:
> Hello
> While using mauve for a while now I have felt an urge to put some
> time into change/fix some things that I think could be done better.
> This will not happen right now, as I would like to see kaffe-1.1.5
> out the door first and I'm going offline for a week tonight but I
> thought it would be a good idea to share my ideas with the list
> anyway, especially since David Gilbert seems to be thinking about
> using a mauve for testing other code than the class library.
> Note that these are just random thoughts, and I'm really open to
> suggestions.
> * The './configure; make tests ARGS' invocation scheme is a little
> odd. I'd like to have a small script perhaps called 'mauve' that
> took arguments --java=/path/to/java --javac=/path/to/javac. The
> rest of the args should be like the KEYS variable.

I like to use the ./batch_run.  I just ./configure mauve without 
arguments once. Then I can set COMPILER and RUNTIME accordingly to my 
test I wanna do and run ./batch_run. Thats much more easy then 
re-reconfiguring each time. 

> * Package structure. The part that could be called the 'testlet
> api' should live in gnu.testlet. The test runner implementation
> should be in gnu.mauve.runner (?) and test hierarchy perhaps in
> gnu.mauve.tests.

Mauving things around in CVS is a bad idea as the history of changes 
for the moved files get lost. I often look into such informations.


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