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Re: X.509 certificate tests


On Tue, 2004-10-26 at 19:58, Casey Marshall wrote:
> The test suite was developed by the US government, so it is not
> subject to copyright.
> Parts were contracted out by the NSA, but it seems that they have
> stated that the test files are freely redistributable [1].

Please add the following text from that to the README:

        The test document and data were jointly developed by NIST and 
        DigitalNet.  Any contribution made to this project by NIST is covered by 
        Title 17 Section 105 of the United States Code which states that any 
        work developed by the United State Government is not subject to 
        copyright protection (see
        So, NIST's contributions to the test documentation and data are in the
        public domain.
        While DigitalNet's contributions to the documentation and data may be 
        subject to copyright, all of the work done by DigitalNet on this project 
        was done under contract for NSA.  So, it would be up to NSA to decide 
        how DigitalNet's contributions to the project could be used.  In 
        response to your query, I asked DigitalNet about the use of the test 
        suite and received the following response:
            "V51 [of NSA] approved of the public release of the PKITS test data 
        and documents.  There are no restrictions regarding their redistribution."

when you add this data.

Although we are more relaxed about accepting contributions to Mauve than
with for example GNU Classpath (for which we require written
confirmation by all contributors) we still want to have a record who
contributed what when. This can be done in the ChangeLog and the README
file though. Even if it wouldn't be a very big disaster if we ever have
to remove a test from mauve we should try to prevent ever having to be
in such a situation and prevent any unclearity about the origins of any
of the tests.



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