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jacks updates

Ok, I've checked in the minor Jacks bug fixes I've collected from the
recent past.  Mostly just typos, but also an additional test for
method overriding (it seems that we could use more here) and a real
fix to some test output.

I also have a patch to change jacks to use tclsh8.4 -- I made this
change locally since FC2 doesn't ship tclsh8.3.  If nobody objects
I'll make this change in the mauve cvs repository as well.

Also, I have some tests (some by me, some posted to the jacks list
this year) for 1.5 things: boxing, foreach, and enums.  In my
repository I have these in tests/non-jls/, but I suppose they probably
belong in tests/jls now.  Chris, what do you think?

Also there's the question of what to do about code that was invalid
in 1.4 but is now valid in 1.5.  For instance something like

    Object x = 5;

falls into this category due to auto-boxing.  We could either modify
these tests so that they are always invalid, or we could mark them so
that we can continue testing compliance to 1.4 and 1.5.  I'm inclined
toward the latter offhand.


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