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Re: Mauve patches for SpinnerListModel


On Thu, 2004-08-19 at 02:37, Andrew John Hughes wrote:
> Attached is a series of Mauve tests for SpinnerListModel
> to go in the directory gnu/testlet/javax/swing/SpinnerListModel.
> What do I do about adding these?

You post them to :)
And/Or you ask Tom for permission to check them in yourself.

> Also, does anyone have any idea as to why Mauve only seems to test and
> when I run make check?  Using ant, I can get it to compile all the tests
> but it segfaults in java.lang.reflect.Array.newInstance.

For these kind of questions there is the mailinglist.
Personally I don't use ant but the batch_run and runner script (see the
README) which should automatically run all the tests. The README also
has some more examples on how to run mauve "the traditional way" (make
and autotools).

The crash in Array.newInstance() is a bug in jamvm (which I assume you
are using). CCed Robert. I thought I had reported it earlier, but maybe
I forgot. This is in the last multi-dimensional test:

    val = 0;
        x = Array.newInstance(String.class, new int[]
          {Integer.MAX_VALUE, Integer.MAX_VALUE});
        val = 1;
    catch (OutOfMemoryError e)
        val = 2;
    catch (Throwable t)
        val = 3;
    harness.check(val, 2);

gdb backtrace below.

This is why I run the batch_run script since it will just ignore such
crashes and go on with the next test.



isInstOfArray0 (array_class=0x401bd440, test_elem=0x0, test_dim=2) at cast.c:52
52              return IS_INTERFACE(CLASS_CB(array_elem)) ?
(gdb) bt
#0  isInstOfArray0 (array_class=0x401bd440, test_elem=0x0, test_dim=2)
    at cast.c:52
#1  0x0804ac5b in arrayStoreCheck (array_class=0x0, test=0x0) at cast.c:85
#2  0x0805227e in executeJava () at interp.c:820
#3  0x0804e532 in executeMethodVaList (ob=0x0, class=0x0, mb=0x8119260,
    jargs=0xbfffdd40 "\034\uffff\032@\001") at execute.c:66
#4  0x0804e3c6 in executeMethodArgs (ob=0x0, class=0x0, mb=0x0) at execute.c:38
#5  0x080565d2 in main (argc=2, argv=0xbfffdde4) at jam.c:278

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