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Re: Mauve halts after first error.


On Mon, 2004-07-05 at 05:42, Stephen Crawley wrote:
> I ran into this particular problem too.  Someone has checked in a Mauve
> test case that refers to a class that Classpath does not yet support.
> [I wish people wouldn't do this!]
> The workaround is to add the following line to your keys file:
> !java.beans.Expression.check

Note that in this particular case GNU Classpath now includes this class
(since yesterday, just in time for 0.10-pre1!).

Since I also ran into this problem so often (or having a runtime crash
or hang on a particular test) I created the batch_run and runner scripts
which are now included in mauve CVS, but you need to edit them by hand
at the moment for your compiler/runtime setup. See the README:

        An alternative way to compiling and running all tests is the
        batch_run script.  This makes it easy to run all test in one
        batch without worrying wheter all tests compile and/or running
        them crashes or hangs the runtime.
        batch_run and the runner helper script aren't integrated with
        the configure setup yet so you will have to edit them by hand to
        explicitly set the COMPILER variable in batch_run and the
        RUNTIME variable in runner. Optionally you can also change the
        KEYS setting in batch_run if you don't want to run all tests. 
        You can also set the variable NATIVE=true in batch_run when you
        want to use gcj (without -C) in native mode.
        When a test cannot be compiled with the given COMPILER batch_run
        will output FAIL: <testname> COMPILE FAILED and go on with the
        next test. If the runner detects a runtime crash or timeout
        (runner variable WAIT=60 seconds) it will output FAIL:
        <testname> CRASH or TIMEOUT.



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