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Re: Some issues..

I haven't read all the list postings, so forgive me if I missed
something. (my reply is below)

> I spent a couple of days running with the snapshot which I downloaded from
> the webpage ( until I found out is _very_
> far from recent (which the 'snapshot' seemed to imply)
> I must say its pretty bad that the snapshot is over a year old!!
> I suggest to remote the snapshot; or have up-to-date versions created
> nightly.
> I looked at the homepage and found a 'breaking news' that I found rather
> dubious; it looks like its been there for ages since the 'sidebar' does
> not work (on either konqueror or on mozilla), the 'logo design' leads to a
> dead link, the 'contribute'  page is empty..

> Please make the project seem 'less dead' to the passing eye!!  If Red-hat
> does not do anything; what about moving the project to sourceforge or
> savannah ??

Yes, I think it makes a lot of sense to move the website part of mauve
to a site like sourceforge. This would make the maintenance of the web
pages easier (it's easy to give people access on sourceforge).

I don't see any reason to move any of the other services however (I
assume "other services" is just the CVS repo?).

John Leuner

John Leuner <>

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