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Re: patch committal.

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On Sunday 02 May 2004 14:49, Andrew Haley wrote:
> Thomas Zander writes:
>  > I've requested a cvs account several times; but have not even
>  > received the courtesy of a yes/no answer.
> We should get you a CVS account.  However, your opinion that "its more
> important to have people creating patches and moving the project
> forward then to always have a 100% correct CVS" makes people worried.

That statement was discussed and I learned that mauve does not have any 
sort of release cycle in which bugs can be fixed. Its 'released' as a 
final product in CVS on a daily basis, so to say.
I agree that that takes a slightly different approach.

> You should get CVS access, I think, 
That would be nice; anyone I can contact?

> but of course you'll still need to 
> post patches here for pre-commit discussion.  Everybody does that.
No problem, if you think that helps :-)

> There were problems with your patches. I fixed the problems by hand.
> Please don't provide he ChangeLog as a diff: it won't apply anyway.  I
> have committed both these patches.  Please check they're OK.

After a CVS update I indeed found no file to be modified anymore. Thanx!

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