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Re: Eclipse and Classpath

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On Wednesday 28 April 2004 21:51, Tom Tromey wrote:
> Jeff> (What about Mauve?  Much of Eclipse's usefulness for us comes from
> Jeff> interactively running the test suite so we get a very quick
> Jeff> edit/compile/test/debug cycle.  But eclipse only knows about
> junit-style Jeff> tests, not the gnu.testlet classes in Mauve.)
> I think Graydon changed Mauve to use JUnit at one point, but it never
> went in.  I think there was some confusion about some points I made.
> It's time to revisit this (various folks pointed this out to me at the
> recent RH meeting).  IMO anything that makes Mauve easier to hack is a
> good thing.  My only real requirement is that we still be able to run
> the gcj test suite; I don't think there is any substantial problem
> here.

IIRC the biggest problem with using JUnit is that it depends of rather 
advanced JVM features; like reflection.

Its technically possible to have a mauve test case extend a 
mauve-base-class which can be changed on run-time (probably using a 
singleton) to either use the very-simple-mauve test framework, or the 
JUnit ones. Using a facade pattern in that baseclass.
Its still needed to call each test in one long test() method if you want to 
use the mauve version, but other then that it would integrate with JUnit 
quite nicely.

Naturally all tests will need to be refactored to do this..
- - extending a base class instead of implementing Testlet
- - using the assertTrue() style checking instead of the check() versions.


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