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Re: Mauve patches.

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On Friday 16 April 2004 00:56, you wrote:
> > > > > I hope you'll agree that its more important to have people
> > > > > creating patches and moving the project forward then to always
> > > > > have a 100% correct CVS. (problems can be fixed post-commit)
> > > >
> > > > No!
> > >
> > > would you care to elaborate on your position?
> >
> > Sure: "Problems should be fixed pre-commit."
> I agree. Mauve is actually used daily by people (me). And some people
> even use it in autobuilders/testers which are updated from CVS.

Hmm, I should have been more clear then. I naturally always will keep 
things compiling (one of the fixes I had was to get it compiling with suns 
Javac, for example).
I would never change the content of a class significantly without prior 
consent on the list.

The problems I 'expect' will be formatting things and other little things 
that I miss due to my different background. I put the "expect" between 
quotes because its not like I feel these things will happen; its just a 
saveguard for the rest of the team that if I commit something thats not up 
to spec; feel free to change it.

So I repeat my request for a cvs account..

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