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Re: Some issues..


On Sat, 2004-04-03 at 15:04, Thomas Zander wrote:
> Hmm;
> I spent a couple of days running with the snapshot which I downloaded from
> the webpage ( until I found out is _very_
> far from recent (which the 'snapshot' seemed to imply)
> I must say its pretty bad that the snapshot is over a year old!!
> I suggest to remote the snapshot; or have up-to-date versions created
> nightly.

So sorry about that. I asked around and Tom will install a script on
sources to make sure we get fresh snapshots up again. (Thanks Tom!)

> I looked at the homepage and found a 'breaking news' that I found rather
> dubious; it looks like its been there for ages since the 'sidebar' does
> not work (on either konqueror or on mozilla), the 'logo design' leads to a
> dead link, the 'contribute'  page is empty..

We really need to update the website.
If someone wants to then they can get the website files with:
cvs -d checkout htdocs

BTW see for
other modules like verify and "wonka" (the visual test engine).

> Please make the project seem 'less dead' to the passing eye!!  If Red-hat
> does not do anything; what about moving the project to sourceforge or
> savannah ??

It isn't really Red Hat not doing things. They are just hosting the
project. Like sourceforge or savnnah would do. We need people to
actually work on the pages (and complain loudly on the mailing list) to
make the project seem less dead. (And thanks again for yelling and
screaming, we have been a bit neglecting the appearance of the project.)

> if this is a mailinglist; please cc answers!

CCed. But please join the list!



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