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Re: Mauve patches.

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On Tuesday 13 April 2004 16:29, Andrew Haley wrote:
> Thomas writes:
>  > On Tuesday 13 April 2004 15:19, you wrote:
>  > > Yes.  I suppose Thomas' Ant script should do the right thing with
>  > > respect to the tags.
>  >
>  > The selecting of files based on some 'tag in their content is quite
>  > easy in ant; its a standard target.
>  > I could add an ant-build target that builds based on tags.
> Excellent.  Now I feel not so bad for being slow to commit...

Hmm; I kind of (really) like working in CVS, its like a net that catches 
you when you fail (and more).
What about you commit first; then I can safely start to work on adding 
extra features.
I mean; all the questions I posed have been quietly been ignored, I'm not 
really under the impression Mauve is getting the attention it deserves; I 
honestly begin starting to wonder if putting it in a CVS on sourceforge or 
whereever, and more freely giving out CVS accounts is such a bad idea.

Some rights to commit and/or to clean up the webpages is the only thing 
standing in my way to really help make Mauve move forward!
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