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RE: ClassLoader.findLoadedClass (was: ServiceFactory)

Yes, I agree (but see my comment below). Iin fact, I suggested moving findLoadedClass to the VMClassLoader in my last post. The next release of JamVM, which should be out tonight, will have this. This means releasing a modified ClassLoader as a "VM class" but it'll be a while before this makes it into the next release of Classpath.



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From: "David Holmes" <>


VMClassLoader can define a default mechanism using hashtables or just leave
things native.

A pure Java "reference" implementation won't work. At the Java level VMClassLoader can only keep track of classes defined by a loader (when it calls VMClassLoader.defineClass). A call back will be needed so that the VM can record a loader as an initiating loader for a class.

Or in simple words: move the lookup table out of ClassLoader into

David Holmes

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