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Re: [Q] Number of unit tests in Mauve and of assertions in Classpath?

Hi Vargas,

Regarding your question:

- Do you know any (as responsive :-) java open source community with
some big project and which
uses both, JDK 1.4 (thus theoretically assertions) and unit tests?

Although not a free (as in GNU) software project, NewJ Library for C++, an
independent 100% native implementation of the core Java API, uses both unit
tests and assertions. The test cases are our C++ version of Mauve, which
make use of the gnu::testlet::Testlet and the rest of the testing framework
just like the Java version. The assertions are actually built right into the
Core J2 Library implementation, which may be compiled in or out for debug or
release builds. As you might expect, the use of both unit tests (like Mauve)
and assertions find more coding or logic errors than either one alone.
Furthermore, unit tests and assertions serve slightly different purposes and
are applicable to slightly different circumstances.
Thanks for that info.

Maybe I am asking for too much here, but I would be very curious to know the

- #lines of code(NewJ Library),
- #assertions(NewJ Library),
- #unit tests and
- #lines of code(unit tests)
-#coverage of the unit tests
-#assertions not executed by any unit test
- over several versions?

So if you happen to be able to answer only some of this questions, this would be great.



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