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Re: [Q] Number of unit tests in Mauve and of assertions in Classpath?

Hi Stephen,

thanks a lot for that very fast and good answers.
I am curious: Do the java implementers like Classpath use assertions in
their code or "only" your tests?
Neither Classpath or Mauve uses Java assertions!  Both are designed to
be compilable without relying on Java language extensions from JDK 1.4.
Ah, ok. Sure. Petty though. I am just comparing the number of per- postconditions used
with the number of unit tests in some big java case studies.
Especially I'd like to have some numbers of the latest versions (which
one would that be?) of Mauve + Classpath:
For the classpath/kissme regression, I'm not sure how many testcase
files get included.  The regression runs over 10000 subtests, and
roughly 145 are currently failing.
I guess this 145 are not independent, meaning, if you fixed one, many others would be fixed too. Right?

I am just writing a paper stating that it makes sense to sort failing tests by size of covered methods beginning with the smallest.
My motivation for asking here, was that if you had assertions (which I surely understand that you don't have), more of the failing
tests would fail at the most specific assertion, making my sorting a bit more useless.
But hey, you just gave me a wonderful argument: In some big and important projects, assertions are even not an option!
It is worth noting that a significant number of subtests fail when
you run them on a Sun JDK.  Sometimes the testcase is at fault, and
sometimes the fault lies in the JDK.
- How many run green for Classpath?
What do you mean by "green"?
Running without failure. So my next questions:

- Do you think sorting failing unit tests would be helpful?
- Does Mauve sort failing unit tests?
- If not, how could it be done?
- Do you know any (as responsive :-) java open source community with some big project and which
uses both, JDK 1.4 (thus theoretically assertions) and unit tests?

Thanks a lot - and cheers


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