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Re: [Q] Number of unit tests in Mauve and of assertions in Classpath?


You wrote:
> if I understand correct, Mauve is a test suite for several Java 
> libraries / implementations.


> I am curious: Do the java implementers like Classpath use assertions in 
> their code or "only" your tests?

Neither Classpath or Mauve uses Java assertions!  Both are designed to
be compilable without relying on Java language extensions from JDK 1.4.

> Especially I'd like to have some numbers of the latest versions (which 
> one would that be?) of Mauve + Classpath:
> - How many tests are in Mauve?

You can count the Mauve testcase files yourself.  The testcase files
that are compiled and run in a specific regression depends on the 'keys'
file you use.  Each testcase file typically contains a number of
individual subtests; i.e. calls to a 'harness.check(..)' method.

For the classpath/kissme regression, I'm not sure how many testcase
files get included.  The regression runs over 10000 subtests, and
roughly 145 are currently failing.

It is worth noting that a significant number of subtests fail when
you run them on a Sun JDK.  Sometimes the testcase is at fault, and
sometimes the fault lies in the JDK.

> - How many run green for Classpath?

What do you mean by "green"?

> - How many assertions (like pre- postconditions/ invariants) are there 
> in Classpath?

See above.  Neither Mauve or Classpath use Java assertions.

-- Steve

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