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Making Mauve easier to use (new batch shell scripts)


I admit that I didn't follow the complete discussion yet.
It is on my TODO-list (honest!)

But I thought that it would be a good idea to refer people to some
observations I made last year:

I also just committed some of the scripts that I describe here:
(choose-classes, uses-list, runner and batch_run)

They are really useful to run all tests against a VM or native code
compiler without having to pick out the non-compiling, crashing or
hanging tests. They will just show up as FAIL and/or timeout after 60
seconds. Examples:
FAIL: gnu.[...].identityHashCode abnormal termination 142 CRASH or TIMEOUT
FAIL: gnu.[...].Security.getProviders COMPILE FAILED

At the moment you have to set the compiler, native/non-native made and
vm by hand in the batch_run and runner scripts. This could probably be
wired into configure (although I wish that we could get rid of the
autotools since they seem to be more trouble then they are worth it for
most people).

Let me know if these are helpful and/or need improvement.



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