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Re: JUnit integration

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hello all,

On Thu, 27 Nov 2003 01:50 pm, graydon hoare wrote:
> ...
> I've recently found myself somewhat unsatisfied with mauve...
> ...the next logical
> step in my mind -- is whether to start merging mauve into classpath
> so it configures and builds "naturally" as part of the day-to-day
> development cycle on classpath (using the classpath build dir,
> compiler and VM selection, for example, and running as the nominal
> "make check" for classpath)...

(this message is in the spirit of sharing experience and not taking 

when we started GNU Crypto we were using JUnit, then we converted our 
tests to Mauve.  we did that for few reasons, most importantly:

* Mauve is much lighter weight than JUnit,
* by supplying few classes and scripts we are able to configure and 
carry out the testing in the usual GNU 'make check' way.  this way the 
developer didnt have to download and/or install any additional software 
- --except for gcc and the GNU toolchain.

(for more info, see 
lines 64, 136-139, and 606-612.)

we had to duplicate the classes (in mauve) under gnu.testlet --except 
TestSecurityManager-- and use a shell script (choose-classes) written 
by Mark Weilaard (see 
adapted to recognise the classes hierarchy rooted under gnu.

for Classpath, there will be (a) no need for duplicating any classes, 
nor (b) adapting the choose-classes script! all Classpath would have to 
provide is a tarball of mauve sources and the incantations (similar to 
what we have in GNU Crypto) to configure and invoke mauve.

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