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Using Mauve for Our Project

I am presently involved with the NewJ Library for C++, a cleanroom
implementation of the Java API in 100% native C++, for C++ environments. It
uses natural C++ like CNI does, but it does not require any VM at all and
works with regular ANSI C++ compilers (like gcc and VC++) without requiring
extensions. We have been using Mauve internally for some time now and are
really benefiting from it. In fact, we have converted the entire Mauve
project to native C++. We are wishing to make this native C++ version of
Mauve available as open source to the public. However, the NewJ Library for
C++ just like Sun's Java Platform is based on open standards but is not open
source. Thus, compiling our C++ version of Mauve requires our NewJ Library
header files and static library, which are not open source. (The Trial
Edition is available as a free download from our Web site at Is it permissible for us to distribute our C++
version of Mauve to the public without the underlying library being open
source? This seems partially covered by the FAQ but we wish to have some
clarification before proceeding. Thank you in advance.

PureNative Software

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