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Re: Question about getEncoding method on different platforms

"Patrick Ellis" <Patrick dot Ellis at sas dot com> writes:

> I have testcases that are failing across several platforms because
> the encoding value that is returned from the different platforms
> does not match the 8859_1 value that is being expected by the
> testcase. Example the value of ASCII is returned for Sun and Linux.
> Question: Should the mauve code be changed to reflect the correct
> values expected for each platform ?

Again check to see if you've updated your Mauve since Mark checked
this in... 

Btw, you seem to be using Mauve a lot.  Have you considered whether
you need the ability to commit new tests or changes to CVS more
directly?  Getting write access to CVS is pretty easy with Mauve.

2003-02-13  Mark Wielaard  <mark at klomp dot org>

        * gnu/testlet/java/io/InputStreamReader/ (test): Just check
        that encoding is non-null when opened and null when closed. Checking
        the actual encoding name is as good as impossible pre 1.4.
        * gnu/testlet/java/io/OutputStreamWriter/ (test):Likewise.

Brian Jones <cbj at gnu dot org>

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