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Re: API Differences

Daryl Lee <> writes:

> Having completed the JDK 1.1 tests, I am now ready to move on to
> the 1.2 tests, but I need an efficient means of knowing the differences
> between the two versions of the APIs.  Is there a tool I can use that will
> identify exactly what needs to be tested?

japicompat/japize can be used for this purpose.  Take the 1.1 and 1.2
files from the japize website and run japicompat to compare them.

> An associated question has more to do with the mauve 'choose' script, which
> looks more and more like Greek everytime I try to figure out how it works.
> If I specify JDK1.2 in mauve-classpath, will it cause the selected JDK1.0 and
> JKD1.1 tests to be run as well as any JDK1.2 tests I create?  (Please say
> yes!)  A corollary question is, "What is the difference between the 'uses:'
> declaration in mauve tests and the standard Java 'import' statement?"

Yes, it will do what you think and select the previous version tests
as well.  Uses is for the choose script... or other scripts, to know
that test foo in also uses bar in (must be in same
package currently).  So it would be nice in some cases to avoid code
duplication of utility methods useful to a particular subset of tests.

Brian Jones <>

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