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Re: ResourceBundle variants and child variants


On Tue, 2002-12-10 at 17:45, Dalibor Topic wrote:
> I think I remember the time when there were child
> variants for *Locales* in wide useage in the EU, due
> to pending conversion to a new currency. de_DE_EURO
> anyone? 

Actually that is a "normal variant".
A Locale with a child variant would be de_DE_EURO_POSIX or
de_DE_POSIX_EURO. (Hmmm, makes you think, what is more important,

> As I understand the spec for Locale, it says "Where
> there are two variants, separate them with an
> underscore, and put the most important one first." ,
> so it is possible to have child variants. They also
> give an example in the next sentence,
> "Traditional_WIN" . See
> , the paragraph just below the country code link.

So they do exist :) I think what happened is that ResourceBundle got
rewritten so many times (the Sun bug database has a lot of bug reports
about it being rewritten once again) that the original algorithm that
just chopped off a '_' at a time somewhere got lost. And that the new
specification now just explains what this new algorithm does (take the
Locale variant as one string).

Sigh, I really wish there was a real Java standard.

But I didn't find any bug reports about people missing the child variant
support in the first place so maybe it just wasn't a very useful feature
in the first place.

I don't think that it is such a slam-dunk as Andrew says but removing
(or disabling) these tests does make sense. Does anybody disagree?



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