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Re: mauve ChangeLog aclocal.m4 configure

Anthony Green <> writes:

> On Mon, 2002-11-18 at 16:09, Stephen Crawley wrote:
> > There are other simple ways to solve the "problem" of ./configure not
> > being in the repository.  Besides, I think it is better for the auto
> > testing to exercise the dependency regularly, than it is to discover it
> > has been broken months ago; e.g. when someone installed a new version of
> > autoconf, etc.
> The auto* tools are for the software maintainers, and shouldn't be
> required for simply building and testing tools.  We build and test GCC
> with mauve on machines that may not have autoconf/etc installed.  There
> is no work-around for this.
> It seems like your main concern is that mauve will grow a dependency on
> a specific version of these tools.  Was this a big issue in the past? 
> Why don't we simply fix issues as they are reported?
> I would like to add these files back.

Adding the files back I think should be allowed in the short term, but
longer term it would be nice for the gcc machinery to be updated.

Brian Jones <>

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