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Re: mauve ChangeLog aclocal.m4 configure

> Stephen> Or put it another way, why should the CVS respository contain
> Stephen> your versions of these files, rather than mine?
> Why are you rebuilding the files at all?

It is important that we don't accidentally end up with Mauve depending
on a specific version of autoconf / automake / aclocal.  The easy way to
avoid this is for people regularly use Mauve with different versions of
the tools.  If ./configure is not in CVS, this happens as a matter of

In the past, I have also needed to make changes to acinclude.m4, and/or  This obviously necessitates a
rebuild of ./configure, etcetera.

Right now, I use some little shell scripts to configure Mauve with
various combinations of Java compilers and VMs.  These scripts rebuild 
./configure, etcetera as a precaution; e.g. in case I've changed one
of the source files.

I will check to see if Mauve runs for me using your most recent version
of ./configure from the CVS and let you know what happens.

> Let's add maintainer-mode and leave the files.  I'd prefer it since it
> makes our automated testing simpler -- it is one less dependency we
> need to worry about.

There are other simple ways to solve the "problem" of ./configure not
being in the repository.  Besides, I think it is better for the auto
testing to exercise the dependency regularly, than it is to discover it
has been broken months ago; e.g. when someone installed a new version of
autoconf, etc.

[Is maintainer-mode relevant to this discussion?]

-- Steve

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