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Re: Method of executing Mauve

>>>>> "Brian" == Brian Jones <> writes:

Brian> Fixed the URL.  It should be simpler to configure/use Mauve.  I
Brian> don't like having to export JAVA, JAVAC, before
Brian> configure/make... this choice should be defined at runtime
Brian> anyway instead of configure time.

I don't think these choices can be made at runtime.  The problem is,
not every compiler may be able to compile the whole package and not
every runtime may have every class.  For instance, when compiling and
running against classpath, you must omit javax.naming tests -- but
these work fine with gcj.

Brian> Btw, I think the current tag system is inadequate.

There was a long-ish discussion of Mauve test harness inadequacies
earlier this year.  The real problem seems to be lack of time to
address them.  I myself have neither time nor interest; the current
system works fine for my needs.  Mostly that is because I never run
Mauve by hand, but instead let the libgcj test suite handle it for me.


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