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Question about UnicodeData.txt data file


I have a question about the UnicodeData.txt data file used in testing for package lang.
I have compiled and tested on Sun Solaris machine for the java.lang package and have taken 
the *.class files and the UnicodeData.txt placed them in a jar file and moved this over to a Linux machine
for testing. If I use the jar command the UnicodeData.txt file is not found:
gnu.testlet.ResourceNotFoundException: /users/paelli/mauve/gnu/testlet/java/lang/Character/UnicodeData.txt (No such file or directory)
        at gnu.testlet.SimpleTestHarness.getResourceStream(
        at gnu.testlet.SimpleTestHarness.getResourceReader(
        at gnu.testlet.SimpleTestHarness.runtest(
        at gnu.testlet.SimpleTestHarness.main(
FAIL: (number 1)

I noticed that in the code the default directory is set and this seems to hardcode this
path and this does not work well with my plan to compile the code on one machine and move the *.class files
to the other platforms to test (PC,LINUX, HP, etc). Is there a way around the hard coding of the search for the
UnicodeData text file?

Pat Ellis
SDE Build and Test Team
Phone:      (919) 531-0355   
SAS...  The Power to Know

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